Things to look for as a Chuck Encounter

There are many ways that Chuck can make himself known to you.
I know he has contacted many of his friends in a wide variety of ways,
and quite often. Chuck makes a great effort to keep in touch. He may
have tried to say hi to you, but you didn't realize it.

Here is a list of well known ways that spirits communicate with us.
If you keep your eyes open and pay attention, I bet you'll notice
a message from Chuck or someone else you've known.

I find it very comforting that Chuck has used almost all of these
methods to tell his family and friends that he still cares about us.


This list is from the incredible book "Talking to Heaven".

The spirit body leaves the physical body every night when we go to sleep. In the spirit body we are able to see our loved ones. Since we are closer to the spirit levels in our dream state, it is much easier to communicate with those who have passed on. The easiest way to reach spirits in the sleep state is to think about them before falling asleep.

Many have said that they see their loved one standing in their room next to the bed or sitting in a chair. When you are receptive, not mentally blocked, it is very possible for you to indeed see them.

Many times you will see flickering lights, or new lightbulbs will burn out instantly. Your lights may be affected when the spirit spends a lot of time around you or when they know it's a way to get your attention.

Spirits have been known to effectively scramble pictures on the tv. There have been cases when the spirit's face has appeared on the screen or the tv turns itself on or off.

Spirits send many gifts and material items, but we don't connect they are from our loved ones. A spirit can impress us to buy certain things. Or they can intervene for us to make things go smoothly.

A very common sign immediately after or within several months following a transition is scent. Suddenly, one becomes aware of a familiar scent, maybe perfume, or shampoo. These scents are ways loved ones let us know they are nearby.

Many clock radios next to loved ones' beds will turn on at different hours. Sometimes it is an hour that has some sort of significance to the loved one who passed. Many times the radio will go on when a particularly significant song is on the air.

Many times in their own way, spirits are able to impress you with a song, or you may think about them when a song is played on the radio.

Telephones and Answering Machines
After someone dies it's possible to receive a phone call and no one is on the other end. Or you may actually hear the voice of the spirit. In some cases the voice has been recorded on answering machines.

Appliances have been known to start or stop working at different times when no one is around them. It's another way that spirits attempt to get our attention.

Spirits have appeared on computer monitors. This is mainly to reassure a loved one that the spirit is indeed alive. The spirit also may have had an interest in computers.

A clock may stop at the exact moment the loved one passed over, or a clock or watch may stop working for no obvious reason.

Animals are often used by a spirit. Many times a spirit can influence a bird or small animal to come by us to get our attention in some way. It is another sign of their nearness to us.